технология UVLED

Система полимеризации UVLED 7225

UVLED Curing Lamps designed and created by our engineers for instant curing of UVLED ink on any surface.



"Curing is our territory"

  • UVLED Curing Systems, specially designed for the instantaneous curing of UVLED ink on any Surface.
  • We are pioneers in the development and manufacture of UVLED technology for coding and marking. We manufacture the only complete UVLED curing solution: Lamp + Printer + Ink.
  • Smart Lamp, maximum security:
    · On Board Security System (OBSS) Prevents line operators from glare.
  • Printer and LED as one.
    · The UVLED Curing System is fully manageable through the display of our printers, being able to configure any of its parameters in a visual and intuitive way.
    · It also has a Stand Alone mode, which allows the UVLED to be operated mechanically as a separate system.
  • Predictive maintenance system.
  • The most efficient LED on the market.
    · The UVLED System incorporates high performance LEDs which allow curing up to 120m/min*. The solution for the most demanding production lines.
    Depending on the message to be printed.
curing height adjustable printing surface height

Variable curing height.

The LED lighting can be adjusted to the height of the message or the product, using only the necessary energy and extending the service life.

curing smart industrial printing industrial system

SMART curing system.

Adjusts power according to speed and avoid product damage.

sensor multifunction safety lamp uv sensor

Integrated Multifunction Safety / Detection sensor.


equipment aplink hrx series
Printing on any surface



certificates lamp uv ubs series

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