The best product coding proposals for the industrial sector

In previous articles we have reviewed the UBS coding, marking and labeling solutions for of agri-food and pharmaceutical products. We will complete the series with our recommendations for working in the often hostile environments of the chemical industry, and for marking materials that require special conditions, such as in construction and the automotive sector. We will also talk about some proposals for the coding of cosmetic and household cleaning products.

Marking in the automotive industry

In the automotive industry, coding on treated metals is common. Both our APLINK UVLED  printers for secondary packaging and the Thermal Inkjet TJX Series for primary products are a good solution. When labels made of special materials, resistant to abrasion, must be applied to treated metals, APL Series equipment meets the toughest demands.





APL Series is the best solution also for labeling tires. In addition to using synthetic materials with suitable adhesives that ensure adherence to the tire up to the point of sale, UBS's exclusive software, UBS LabMan, facilitates the complex logistics management of a product for which each manufacturer generates a large number of references.

The marking of construction materials


Something similar occurs, in the construction sector, with ceramics: logistics management is complex due to the numerous references. Barcodes, therefore, are vital, and marking is present in all phases of the product. For boxes, UBS recommends the use of APLINK Series high-resolution printers, with 100% mineral oil free ink, which allows the recycling of corrugated carton.



The best printing method on extruded plastics is provided by the APLINK MRX UVLED Series and TJX Series high resolution printers, by using a perfect combination of low viscosity UV ink and the UVLED curing system, guaranteeing excellent print quality on the plastic and immediate adhesion (polymerization).


Gypsum is another common material in construction, the marking of which requires great robustness. APLINK Series high resolution printers are created to print logos, images and decorations on plaster. To ensure optimum print quality or to avoid head deterioration, when working in aggressive environments, the print-heads of APLINK MRX Series printers incorporate a protection plate.

Coding and labeling chemicals

In the chemical industry, the labeling of containers containing potentially dangerous products requires the maximum precision, which is why UBS proposes a simple, stable and robust solution to apply to metal or plastic drums and barrels. The APL 3500 DRUMS applies the label adapting to the curved surface without the need for any manipulation. In the event that the operation has to be carried out on the move, UBS has the APL 3500 corner wrap electric.



For the marking of plastic containers, TJX UVLED printers are a very competitive alternative to laser, as they achieve sharp printing and instant drying, with great energy efficiency, very low consumption without maintenance. For the wide variety of plastic containers, another available solution is labeling using our APL Series equipment.

Barcode printing on personal and household care products


Cosmetic and personal care products are often presented in flat, four-seal envelopes. Packaging in this format is fast and reduces production line downtime, so that the TJX Series equipment is the most suitable for achieving high-quality marking synchronized with automatic packaging equipment.





Our APLINK UVLED printers are capable of printing logos and high-resolution images on cellulose and polymer fiber objects, such as nail pads, before packaging them. In addition, the APLINK MRX Bicolor are designed to print pictograms and texts in accordance with the REACH Regulation, regarding the registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemical substances and preparations, linked to the CLP Regulation, on classification, labeling and packaging of substances and mixtures.


As for aerosols and metal containers, the TJX Series printers achieve a clear and permanent marking on the plastic cap at high rates.



Finally, in all sectors of activity it is mandatory to mark product pallets, in accordance with GS1 international requirements. This is the last identification process, for which UBS has developed the APL Series printing and labeling systems, which guarantee the correct traceability of the merchandise.









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