UV LED technology

UV LED Curing Systems 7230

UBS UV LED curing system was created for instant UV curable ink polymerization on any non porous surface like plastic film, glass, PPE / PVP / PP, etc.


UV LED Curing Systems 7230
UV LED Curing Systems 7230
UV LED Curing Systems 7230
UV LED Curing Systems 7230

United Barcode Systems UV LED curing system is dedicated to cure (polymerize) UVLED curable ink on any type of surface like glass, plastic material, coated materials, paper, carboard, wood, metal. It is a universal solution for packaging Industry, food & beverage Industry, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products, etc.


    • Exclusive integrated security system UVLED On Board Security System® (OBSS): prevent the occasional lightening inline.
    • PWM, amplitude modulation: Automatic lightening potency regulation according to speed variation. Protect surface from damage. (available only for TJX UV LED).
    • Two Working modes:

   · TTL (Synchronized with the print head)
   · Stand alone (configurable lighting time)

    • Air fan cooling system
    • Low electrical consumption


UV LED curing system can be integrated with the following UBS technologies: TJX UV LED Series for primary packaging; APLINK MRX UV LED and APLINK LCX UV LED for secondary packaging.

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